As a Trauma Informed Provider, Brooke Heather sees the releasing of hidden emotions and stagnation as the source of deeply engrained health and behavioral patterns. By quickly identifying areas of stress and reintegrating the neural communication, the use of the subconscious is re-engaged and new beliefs and restored vitality to previously segmented, dissociated areas are brought back on-line.

While the entry way to restoring health may be through the focus on physicality (an ailment/set of symptoms, structural, neuromuscular or musculoskeletal, etc.), genetic integrity, hormonal, biochemical and nutritional balancing is addressed as the underlying cause of malalignment or imbalance. 

Through subconscious unhealthy patterns of thought and feeling that are re-patterned by this technique, proper use of nutrients can take place, repair begins at the cellular level and hormones balance. This is addressed in our clinic with specific therapies which are relaxing. This is a technique used to re-establish healthier neural networks and new thinking and feeling states that are more aligned with your true potential. This is how you begin the path of true and lasting transformation.

The bottom line is, you don't have to talk about your story, re-live traumas, dig up the past or engage much in the process at all. Your nervous system and practitioner do the work while you relax and let the work integrate. 

Inner Resources are skillsets advantageous to discover and build upon in order to better face adversity or times of increased stress. There are several ways to build your inner resources and sense of resilience. 

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Nothing about my practice is standard medical care. Our providers think and operate outside of the box and, for this reason, are operating under the Turtle Healing Band (THB) membership with an Indigenous Medicine provider. Please read the membership affiliation agreement prior to booking with us to be sure this is a good fit for you. We simply want the best for your healthcare options without limitations of healthcare models that don't fit our idea of health and healing being of a spiritual nature and between professional and recipient. Your medical records are kept in house, securely and never shared unless explicitly requested in writing by you.