Various methods are used to ascertain your health status. 

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Heart Graph

Your heart reveals much more than cardiovascular integrity. This clinical tool monitors the heart's rate, tone and rhythm in relation to nutritional needs. 

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Fertility, children's and woman's healthcare and family plans

Special care is to be considered when hormones are involved. Package plans are quoted on a case -to -case basis

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Weight Loss

Weight regulation is investigated as to the cause and addressed accordingly. Clinical purification as well as emotional release techniques are recommended. 

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Acu point therapy options (needle-less): Reflexology, tuning fork, or Auricular therapy ‚Äč

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Energy healing, & biofeedback

Heading modalities are an added benefit of in-office visits verses phone consultations. 

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Fee Structure: 

Complementary first 15 minutes to decide if we are a good fit.

$90 for 30 a minute phone consult (review of intake forms and a written report of recommendations is included)

$260 Initial in-office consult and testing (or 2 sessions) Most care is decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the extensiveness of the care.

$90 Subsequent consults (45 minutes, $30 per 15 minutes thereafter) 

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Standard pay as you go care runs $120 per hour. We offer a sliding scale fee adjustment if needed.

A state-of-the-art healthcare program and Membership options are available by application HERE.  

Either way you choose to participate is a healing partnership.

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