REboot, Revive & Thrive

Completely Connected 

Taking My Power Back 


Do you know where you want to be but just can’t quite get there?

Imagine yourself immersed in lively, vibrant, just-what-you-need mojo!

Join others on their own journey, yet essentially

along the same path, a path of new beginnings!

Similar to a healing circle - for inspiration, expansion and

alignment with your integrity, sessions are set up on a weekly basis but you are not required to leave the comfort of your home! This can be self care and connection with other at the same time... how? You have the choice to join in person or via zoom (an online meeting via your smartphone or computer). 

Pause … and ask yourself, what would this be like? 

How many of the statements below reflect you? 

•I want to deepen my experience in life by improving relationships, consciousness.... AND ignite my purpose.

•I am curious about how to activate my own wisdom.

•I am interested in my own evolution as a soul.

•I’m ready to feel better (like, yesterday!)

I can show you how to leverage your strengths so you can move beyond your current phase, create more time and live in joy and harmony!

Why other programs fail to facilitate achievement AND, HOW IS THIS PROGRAM DIFFERENT?

In western culture, we tend to be goal oriented. So why then do we feel like we spin our wheels? The answer is quite simple…. and you will have to experience it to understand it. 

We create custom programs just for you! I invite you to read more about

Immersion. We are just a phone call away. 

Continue reading about transpersonal work HERE

Below are example programs at different levels of involvement:

Level 1 $65

Join Inspire

Inspire is a six-week master class to align you to your will and purpose. Learning to manage your energy vibration gives you the power to take back your well-being. In addition, you receive a bonus. Call for information!

Level 2 Starts at $155

1. Immersion

2. Immersion is a syllabus designed to facilitate the rising of your full potential

3. Choose a partner to buddie up with plus have a once per month (or more) check in with your wellness team Brooke and Stacy

Level 3 Starts at $515

1. Have a personal Wellness Advocate. This is like a life/health coach to keep you on track and act as an accountability partner.

2. Naturopathic care package customized to your specific needs and may include InSync sessions