What is up for YOU? 

What is present with you is also for others. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Are you ready to evolve alongside a group of other like-minded yet diverse individuals that share similar goals of living healthy and becoming the next best version of themselves?  

Learn & Grow Together!

Some of the material will consist of the wisdom from the past (Ayurveda). Habit evolution over time means more ease and better health. Have you ever tried to make change in your habits only for it to be temporary? There are proven methods to true and lasting change and one of them is to do it with a group of others. 

Let's Have FUN!

Don't worry, committing doesn't mean being lectured at and following a bunch of "Do's & Don'ts. It's about connection over perfection. The healthy habits begin to come naturally. You'll learn by osmosis :) 

Better Digestion = A Better Life

Having the right foods for your type at the correct timing is no mystery. It's a lost art. 

How empowered would you feel to know HOW TO MAKE HEATHY CHOICES? Most people go on about their lives eating and living out of sync with what is good for them and then wonder why they feel fatigued, stiff and achy, or have headaches, etc. 

When attempts are made to "clean up diet" or be healthier, are you able to take a customized approach? Not likely. Let's learn how to customize our diet according to your needs and sync up with the natural living rhythms that encourage health rather that deplete it. 

Let's dive into some intriguing material each week, as a group and mastermind. 

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