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If you would like to rise above the way of living that has kept you stuck or experiencing repetitive patterns, I can help you discover methods to release the old ways and reinforce new healthier ways of operating.

If you would like to discover a new way of thinking and being as a way to gain a sense of balance and restored health, I am happy to assist.

Here's What to Expect 

Limited beliefs and thinking or narcissistic, abusive/oppressive relationships find a way of thwarting the best of plans. I help people find what are called inner resources to approach life in new ways. Learn more about how this is applied to my healthcare paradigm HERE

 A sense of freedom is found with options. Developing inner resources, and learning how and when to use them, is how we grow through pain, trauma, loss and difficulty. 

Find your empowerment and the discovering of options; options that come from your inner resources. 

Invest in you; your worth it and the world needs your light to shine!

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Life's challenges come to us as opportunities to grow.

More About Me and Why I Know There is Hope For You

I grew up in what I'd call living in a bubble, a child's dream; sheltered from the ugly of the world. I didn't know how to ask for help or how supportive an extended family (such as church, not having grown up in one), could offer me, such as the know-how to reach out when in need. I was an only child to boot and so the family unit was small, and I had never any reason to ask for help before. My childhood hadn't exposed to me to devastation or people that had suffered it before. So, when horror hit my home as a young mother, I had no tools, no one to turn to and was stunned but it isn't in me to act as life was. No one would have any idea what my family was going through. I simply relied on the authorities to do their job. In my young family's greatest need of protection, I was a whistle in the wind being optimistic and always believing good would prevail.

Under stress, my automatic coping mechanism was to become a turtle. A turtle self-protects by going within, keeping quiet and experiences their own kind of peace. I shut out reality; I needed to feel safe and sound. 

When I started seeing unhealthy behavior in my husband, I made every excuse in the book for him. It didn't matter what method I used to create a different response, because you do teach people how to treat you - normally. His, what I called, "odd" behavior continued in spite of my loving support yet healthy boundaries. As part of seeking help for him, I put together the fact that he had suffered a serious head injury that caused swelling of the head and I thought that must be a contributing factor. I felt hopeful he could get some help and I set us up with a recommended psychologist; we both underwent evaluations. The journey began and he fooled one professional after another. Our hometown pastor was the closest to correctly identifying the problem and began calling him out. That was only a few years into our marriage, and he refused to stick with our pastor or anyone that was onto him. The true colors began to come out once professionals began to question his motivations.  

You know the type, they know just how to create wedges subtle enough that it flies under your radar and causes you to question and suppress your intuition, all while deteriorating the trust between mother and child. This way, if child begins telling mom, mom doesn't believe them and sides with dad. They're always several steps ahead in order to cover their bases. They play the role of victim well when it escalates to the involvement of therapists and law enforcement, and they are somehow very believable, charming and elicit help as well as sympathy from others. They work each individual in a different manner, operating skillfully and procure loyalty as if by spellcasting.

Your abuser's methods are highly effective at achieving their goals and there is no remedy other than to save yourself and preserve what is left of you. 

Now, after much self-reflection and time therapeutically spent single, building back up my sense of self, intuition and voice, I met the love of my life when I least expected it. 

We were both content as single parents but when a gathering brought us together, our single status changed, slowly but steadily, two months later we kissed under the stary 4th of July night sky and married 6 years later. Differently from before, I knew his family, friend group, and beliefs. We conversed openly and honestly, and it's been solid ever since. It was not easy at first, I fully expected the head trips and manipulations. 

You see, being in a balanced healthy relationship, there's no need to convince one another that you're right for each other. Now we get to say and do all the dreaminess that once were empty promises, and now it is genuine. It is refreshing to be in a real partnership; a healthy one. No undermining, set ups, tests, control, hearing what they think is the "right answer" (instead of the truth), no bullying or gaslighting; none of these aspects should be part of a partnership.


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No matter your childhood, whether protected and blissful or not, entanglement with toxic people unwilling to better themselves is not an endeavor to do alone. It requires the type of support that understands and offers the following:

~A toolbox of skill development

~Discovering your strengths and sense of purpose

~Therapies to process challenges and celebrate the little victories which honor you in ways that build you up and solidify your new-found confidence

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