While fully clothed, you can expect light touch on different areas of your head, neck, shoulders and back as well as sacrum, hips and ankles primarily. Please come in comfortable clothing without scent (perfume/cologne, essential oil use and other personal care product such as hairspray).

You can expect to spend 30 minutes and up to an hour together. This is for you, about you and personal to you. So, every session may be different. Sometimes you may wish to talk or it may be more interactive with somatic experiencing. At other times, your session may be very quiet and peaceful. You may also release traumatic experiences. This means that an emotional release may arise. I am trained to support this process as it unfolds. Often this is a good sign, when this happens, that you feel safe enough to express and release patters of experiences you are ready to let go of.

"Just being there is no small thing. When we are present with someone’s expressions of their life force, there’s a profound affect created that brings about healing."


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