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Connection Circles are similar to a support group with some sharing, but the focus is on the process. You will be invited to get comfortable either sitting or lying on your yoga mat. I will guide you through a process that involves some writing and some contemplative/meditative time. Many people find it helpful to come with an intention of something to process through as the technique is intended you help you resolve a conflict.

You may also want to bring your journal and anything that makes you comfortable (a blanket, pillows, etc.)

The Connection Practice Coach-Client Agreement

Nature of the Relationship Coaching is not therapy or counseling. It is a relationship of equals. You are accountable for moving your objectives forward. Your coach is responsible for providing insightful and challenging questions and assignments that support you in achieving your goals. Connection Practice coaching includes learning the Practice, improving your mastery, and exploring how to apply it in your life to build greater connection.

empathy + insight = connection

In addition, it is important to maintain a healthy coach-client relationship. If at any time your coach is not meeting your needs or expectations, it’s important to let him/her know right away. Similarly, if at any time your coach does not feel he/she can best meet your needs, he/she will share that with you as well. Together you can review your coaching and determine the best path for you to further progress on your goals. Confidentiality Coaching is a confidential relationship, and all information shared remains private. Agreement I have read the Connection Practice Coach-Client Agreement and want to move forward with coaching.

Connection Circles

What is a Connection Circle? It’s a group that provides a supportive environment for mastering the Connection Practice and building deep friendships.

empathy + insight = connection

What is the purpose of Connection Circles? A Connection Circle reinforces the skills you have already learned so you can resolve issues and celebrate life. You will experience accelerated personal and professional growth by:

• continuing to build your feelings and needs vocabulary and enhance self-empathy and empathy for others

• reinforcing the experience of coherence so that you can attain it whenever needed

• accessing insights quickly and efficiently for practical application in your daily life Who can attend a Connection Circle?

• Anyone who has taken a Connection Practice workshop or course

Note: Members of circles may permit newcomers who are curious about the Practice to attend with the understanding that they may observe and listen. People who haven’t yet learned the Practice often struggle and lack confidence if they participate without any preparation. In addition, regular Circle participants may feel frustrated when time is taken to teach newcomers the basics. The decision to allow newcomers to attend should be made by unanimous consent of the members so that emotional safety is sustained in the group.

What is the ideal number of people in a Connection Circle? For in-person groups, 4-8 people are ideal depending on the length of the meeting. When more people attend, the group can begin and end together and break up into smaller circles to practice. For online Connection Circles, it’s best to limit attendance to four participants. This allows for full participation and an enriching experience in a one-hour session.

How do you start a Connection Circle? A certified Connection Practice coach who is willing to lead the group initiates and registers it at As people master the Practice, the coach may mentor someone in the group to take over the leadership role. Once that person has demonstrated mastery of the Practice, as determined by the coach, he or she can assume leadership of the circle.

How often does a Connection Circle meet? Most circles meet every other week, typically for 1-2 hours for in-person groups and 1 hour for online groups.

What materials are needed? The leader provides a Feelings and Needs list for every participant.

It is requested that each participant become a member of Rasur Foundation International, which is achieved through a donation. Each person can go to the donate button on the home page of and choose an amount for the donation. These funds support the infrastructure needed for Connection Circle groups to succeed and help spread the Connection Practice.

Connection Circle Format

1. Make a circle.

2. The Connection Practice coach leads everyone in the Quick Coherence Technique.

3. The coach reminds everyone to give empathy, not advice or strategies (e.g., are you feeling … because you need …), and asks who would like to begin.

4. The first person shares a challenge with another person, an inner issue, or a celebration. The person next to them in the circle guesses their feelings and needs and asks them to identify the main met or unmet need.

5. When the first person is complete, the person who gave them empathy shares. This process is repeated until everyone in the circle has had a chance to share and has identified a main met or unmet need.

6. At times, the person who receives empathy is so moved emotionally that it is challenging for them to give empathy to the next person. In that case, skip that person and move on to the next one.

7. The coach asks everyone to remember their main need, met of unmet. Then the coach leads everyone into coherence so they can access a Heart-Brain insight. The coach speaks the three steps of coherence and is silent after that.

8. After everyone has their eyes open, the coach asks if anyone would like to share. Participants can share their insights but do not analyze them. It is important to respect each person’s insight and not allow participants to comment on them.

​9. Lastly, the participants stand and make a circle (online this is a visual connection). Each participant shares a need that has been meet during this group session (e.g., My need to be heard and understood was met today.”). They close by saying, “Let’s stay connected!”


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